About WebTop

WebTop is a privately owned company established in 2009 specialising in the development and deployment of web based software solutions to small and medium sized enterprises within Australia.  Our solutions are intuitive, creative and above all else, flexible and scalable to grow with you.  That is what makes our software solutions unique. 


We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our customers, whose direct feedback helps to shape the direction and future releases of our software. We're all about providing quality software backed by knowledgeable and friendly pre-sales and customer support.

Our Motto

"Build and deliver the best possible internet software products to small businesses and consumers".


Why? Because we love it.  We've loved doing it for a long time, and we will continue to love doing it.  Take a look at our clientele, and we're sure you'll agree.  We'd love to help you and your business take the next technology step into the global world of the internet.  We care deeply about the products we build for our customers. Quality, clarity, attention to detail, ease-of-use, and usefulness are at the core of everything we do. We put this energy into building web-based applications that make it easier to collaborate, share, discuss, and get work done.

Our Beliefs

No, we're not a religious cult.  But some might call us that.  Our software is our religion because we strive for perfection.  Because we believe that software should help businesses, not hinder it.  We believe that software should automate tasks for you, not complicate processes.  We go that extra step to make sure that it works, 99.99%, everytime.

  • Useful is forever. Bells and whistles wear off, but usefulness never does. We build useful software.
  • Our customers are our investors. They fund our daily operations by paying for our products. We answer to them, not outside investors or the stock market.  We make sure our customers are happy.
  • Clarity is king. Buzzwords, lingo, and sensationalized marketing-speak have no place at our company.  We make sure we get the job done.
  • Great service matters. We’re known for fast, concise, and friendly customer service and support. We work hard to make sure we live up to that reputation every day.
  • Contracts suck. No one likes being locked into something for a year or two or more. We never lock anyone in. Our customers can cancel at any time, no questions asked (and we never charge a setup or termination fee).
  • Business software should be affordable.Some business software costs tens of thousands of dollars a year. That’s obscene. Our products start from as low as $9/month, and all our products are monthly subscriptions to eliminate that huge investment typicaly of other software vendors.  Try us out.  If you dont like it, you are free to cancel at any time.  If you like it, drop us a note and let us know!
  • Software that requires training is failed software. Our products are intuitive. You’ll pick them up in seconds or minutes, not hours, days or weeks. We don’t sell you training because you don’t need it.
  • The basics are beautiful. We’ll never overlook what really matters: The basics. Great service, ease of use, honest pricing, and respect for our customer’s time, money, and trust.


Web News

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Another division, MailTop comes into existence, focusing on email and newsletter marketing.


Jul WebTop branches into dedicated Search Engine Optimisation solutions, and the SEOTop division is born.
Jun WebTop launches CASE, one of the first integrated web database systems, aiming to help businesses migrate data into cloud databases.
Jan WebTop is founded as a web development company in Sydney, Australia.





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