Adding X11 packages to CentOS 5.3

Posted Thursday, 15 October 2009 at 12:35 by Andrew Liu
Tagged: web development
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In this article I will show how to upgrade your barebones Linux installation to a X11 terminal.  Often, when installing Linux, I like to install just the simplest, barebones packages to get the server running.  This ensures that there are no useless packages installed on your machine that could potentially slow down your system, or take up storage space.


I used a CentOS 5.3 barebones installation, and to upgrade it to use X11, the commands are simple.


Firstly, we need to install the X Window System.


yum groupinstall 'X Window System'


Finally, we choose which desktop envirionment to use.  You can choose either 'KDE Desktop Environment' or 'Gnome Desktop Environment'.

I have always used Gnome, so that is what I will be using here.


yum groupinstall 'Gnome Desktop Environment'




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