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Posted Monday, 17 August 2009 at 11:09 by Andrew Liu
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Aaron Wall of has released a new SEO Toolbar for Firefox. In this article we will review the toolbar in detail and show you why you should start using it now.


To get SEO toolbar you will need Firefox. Get firefox here.


Download SEO toolbar here and restart Firefox. Now you're good to go.


What would happen if you smooshed together many of the best parts of Rank Checker, SEO for Firefox, the best keyword research tools across the web, a feed reader (pre-populated with many SEO feeds), a ton of competitive research tools, the ability to compare up to 5 competing sites against each other, easy data export, and boatloads of other features into 1 handy Firefox extension? Well, you would have the SEO Toolbar.


The Only SEO Toolbar You Will Need

The power of SEO Toolbar comes from combining all of the best SEO tools into one. There is really nothing new or original that SEO Toolbar offers. It simply arranges all must-use SEO tools into one convenient place.


Whenever you visit a page/site, SEO Toolbar automatically gathers/sends data to various services so you can access it in a click. If you have open, than this is the domain on which SEO Toolbar is working. Data gathering is performed in the background and is very convenient.


Here's how the toolbar looks (sliced to fit here for all screens):



Let's look at the line up of features, tools and information you can access through SEO Toolbar.


On the top left side of the toolbar, the information button lets you know instantly basic SEO information about the website such as:

  • Page PR

  • Site PR

  • Site Age

  • Google Cache Date - useful in identifying the importance of the domain apart from linkage data, since good domains are crawled frequently.

  • Google Indexed Pages

  • Yahoo Indexed Pages

  • Yahoo Site Links

  • Yahoo site links: edu, gov, mil,

  • Link count from Majestic SEO (a tool that has its own spider and keeps its own index of the web).

  • Yahoo page links

  • Yahoo page links: edu, gov, mil,

  • Directory listing: DMOZ, Yahoo and BotW.

  • Traffic Data

  • Alexa Traffic Data

  • SEM Rush Traffic Data

  • Delicious Links

  • Digg Links

  • Twitter

This information is very useful in analyzing the competition and potential link partners. You can also click on each piece of information and review details in a new window. For example, if you want a detailed snapshot of Yahoo Site Links, simply click on the link count and SEO Toolbar will open Yahoo search with the following command: -site: If you want detailed WHOIS info, click on the Site Age option and you will be directed to the appropriate page.


Next in the line up of available features comes separate buttons that show Yahoo Linkdomain Count | Yahoo Pagelink Count | DMOZ Directory Listings | Yahoo Directory Listings | Best Of the Web Listings. Clicking on the buttons takes you to the appropriate pages where you can see all the details.


Archive, and SEM Rush Data

SEOToolbar gives direct links to the, and SEM Rush data. You can access those tools in a standalone manner, but SEO Toolbar makes it more convenient, as all of the services can be accessed with a click of the button.

  • (Way Back Machine) is an online service that allows you to view pages back to 1994 and monitor their progress. The tool is useful in observing changes in the page titles and content of competing websites. If you spend enough time, you can map the SEO strategy of a particular competitor.

  • is an online service that offers competitive keyword and traffic intelligence on most domains in the US. Their traffic stats can be off, so don't put too much weight on it.

  • SEM Rush is a new service that offers keyword intelligence and keyword pricing estimates for the website. The tool is useful in monitoring competitors' search rankings, bids and in estimating an approximate PPC budget. Their traffic stats are off, as is true of most such services.

Next comes a competition tab that has links (with appropriate URL inputted) to the following services:

  • (mentioned above).

  • Google Search Based Keyword Tool is a new tool from Google that shows keyword suggestions based on website content and titles. Google gets keyword suggestions from actual search results and also shows search count. It's not clear if the search count is a broad match or exact match, but looking at numbers, my guess is - it is broad match. You need to have an AdWords account to use this service.

  • Google Trends for Websites is another newly-released tool from Google. Google Trends for Websites shows the traffic value of a website, geo location of its visitors, keywords that send it traffic and similar sites that people visited. Websites must exceed a minimum number of visitors per month in order to be featured in this tool.

  • Quantcast is an online service that shows demographic intelligence about a website. Take its data with a grain of salt.

  • Alexa is known for showing inaccurate traffic stats so be careful. I avoid its statistics altogether.

  • SEM Rush (mentioned above).

There are also WHOIS and IP search links.


Rank Checker

SEO Toolbar comes with Rank Checker. Rank Checker is another tool from SEObook that lets you check rankings on Google, Yahoo and Live Search. To use the tool, specify search engines that you want to check (i.e.,, Yahoo England, etc), input the domain name along with all the keywords you want to check, and Rank Checker will give the results.


Results are not always accurate. Sometime they are off by 2 - 5 listings, and in some cases more. I prefer checking everything manually, but if you have several website to track, then this tool can be helpful.



Next in the feature toolset is SEO X Ray. This tool is useful if you want to look at page titles, meta description tags and meta keywords without going to the source code. SEO X Ray also shows the external link count from Yahoo Site Explorer, internal link count to the page from Yahoo Site Explorer and total number of links to the page (Site Explorer again). You can also click on the link count to view detailed linkage data in Site Explorer.


SEO X Ray also shows the outbound link count (useful if you're thinking about getting a link from the page). Here's how this sub-tool of SEOToolbar looks:



SEO Toolbar has the ultimate search box that lets you search 16 tools from one spot. Simply select the tool you would like to use from the dropdown, type in your query, and press enter. SEO Toolbar will open a new window with the appropriate search results.



Here are the tools you can search:

You can also search SEObook tools such as the KW Density tool, KW list generator, KW list cleaner and KW typo generator.


Other Features

Other useful features include the ability to highlight keywords on the page, highlight nofollow links and compare websites. SEOtoolbar has a built-in RSS feed reader so you can browse major search and SEO publications. I personally use Bloglines, but you may find this helpful.


Click on AdWords Without Charging an Advertiser and Giving Money to Google 

The SEO Toolbar has a VERY controversial feature built into it. Once you install the toolbar, go to Google and search using any keywords; you will be able to see links on AdWords that lead directly to the advertiser's landing page. If you click on the links you will bypass AdWords:




Does Google let get away with this? After all, it is messing directly with Google's bread and butter. Only SEO professionals use this toolbar, but if it gains enough popularity, Google may have to step in. My guess is that, even if Google has to take action, it can adjust some code and make advertisers pay even if users click on a direct link with the SEO Toolbar enabled. Or Google will find some way to block it.

This particular issue has already ignited a blog post:


SEOBOOK SEO Toolbar May Kill Google AdWords

And a forums discussion along with it: Will SEOBOOK SEO Toolbar affect Google AdWords?



If you do any SEO this is a must-have toolbar. It does not offer anything you could not get without it, but it offers everything in one place, one click away, and this is its power. It gathers search engine optimization and search marketing data from the best tools on the web and makes it extremely accessible.


The new toolbar by SEO Book is a brilliant release combining most the necessary features any SEO consultant needs when doing research on a website or a competitor.-

Source: SEO Chat - SEOBook Toolbar Review

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