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WebTop promotes the ethical practices of Search engine marketing that helps websites to increase their search engine visibility and feature in the top search engine result pages. We are equipped with a team of Search engine strategists, Search engine optimisers, professional software developers, search engine marketing specialists and first rate web technology, which goes in making great Search engine marketing campaign.


At WebTop we monitor and measure the results of your search engine marketing campaigns and accordingly outline each and every step, so that you gain significant ROI as quickly as possible.

Our Search engine marketing services include:

  • Search engine marketing strategy

    A good Search Engine Marketing Strategy is crucial for the success of online business. Your online business can reap you the desired benefits once you know the each and every element of your niche. Our team of search engine marketing experts will help you to outline a strategic plan that will bring best results on implementation and will gain you maximum ROI.

    Our Search Engine Marketing Services will help you to:

    * Outline tangible goals
    * Decide the effective multi-channel abilities
    * Start marketing campaign that will provide visible results
    * Devise a long term marketing strategy

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    We at WebTop understand how important it is for a website to get indexed by search engines to bring desired results. Search engine spiders visit the website and scan its contents. A search engine optimiser understands how to give the required information to search engine spider and get your site indexed. Every week the search engines change their indexing rules, so as to ensure commercial success and valuable gain for the user. So a search engine optimiser also develops suitable strategy to get your website listed in search engines.  Our team of search engine optimisers follows ethical practices of search engine optimisation and use strategies that are acceptable to the search engines, which will bring desired results very quickly.

    Our Search Engine Optimisation services include:
    * Keyword analysis
    * On page optimisation
    * Off page optimisation
    * Copywriting
    * Search engine submission services
    * Search engine reporting
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

    Pay per click (PPC) advertising is fast rising as one of the potential online marketing tools because they offer successful returns and creates new brand building opportunities. For gaining the beneficial results it’s important for the companies to have well managed Pay per click campaign. At WebTop we devise bid management PPC strategies, which will ensure that you only pay an optimum amount for each click. The bids are monitored on 24/7 basis. The ultimate goal of our Pay Per Click Management service is to increase the ROI and maximise the Profitability of our client.
  • Link building services

    Link building is the most important activity which ensures higher search engine rankings. The desired results are gained once the links are exchanged with good websites. The link building may seem to be very easy but it requires lots of research and analysis before embarking on any link building campaign. One can’t go on link exchange spree with any site in view, it requires understanding of linking partners site and possible search engine penalties which may happen in case of link exchange with irrelevant site.  Our link building services are designed to improve your websites search engine visibility and targeted traffic.

There are many online marketing companies out there propagating false claims like "Guaranteed rankings" or "No 1 search engine rankings", which may trick you to think that your online goal is nearer. Many of these online marketing companies use black hat optimisation strategies that may get your sites banned by major search engines like Google. At WebTop we offer deliver natural results and follow ethical practices of SEO.


WebTop offers search engine services, which are tailored to suit your unique business model and helps you to achieve desired online goals. Our team of Search engine specialists and programmers help you to surpass your online marketing goals. We offer personalised services and attention to our clients, which makes them to bond with us for a lifetime.

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While smartphone enthusiasts are familiar with OnePlus phones, the masses still don't recognize the brand. With T-Mobile reported to be launching the OnePlus 6T this fall, we could finally see OnePlus become a more standard choice.
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China aims to narrow cyberwarfare gap with US
While US blames China for cyber attacks on networks.
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Google has now clarified what turning off the Location History setting really means.
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